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Power Speed Matrix Test Pattern

Posted By Adrian

In this article we will learn how to use the Power Speed Matrix Test Pattern, in order to find the power and speed setting suitable for your material.
Firstly, it is important that you download the files needed, they can be found HERE.
Once the files

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Laser vs CNC Mill – Why Buy A Laser?

Posted By Adrian

There are a few main reasons why you would purchase a laser as opposed to a CNC Mill. The 4 main reasons are:

Little to no post processing (Flame Polished Edges)
Processing Costs

In this article we will compare and contrast

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How to Laser Plaque


How To Laser Blog – Facebook Page

Posted By Adrian

How To Laser Blog now has a facebook page which is open for discussion.
Search for “How To Laser Blog” on facebook or click¬†the link below to follow us.
Facebook page – How To Laser Blog

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