Flexx Lasers Mean More Value

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Flexx Lasers Mean More Value

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Being ahead of the 8-ball is key to success in any business; this is also true for the laser industry. The Flexx laser technology allows your business to be one of those success stories.

This article will outline some ways for your business to get the most value out of a Flexx laser. If you are unaware, a Flexx laser is a type of laser engraving machine that Trotec developed, which has both a Fiber laser and CO2 laser source in the one machine. More info here!

The two laser sources are selectable through the JobControl software which allows you to run both the CO2 and Fibre laser in the same job.

Flexx Job
Trotec Flexx Job – Multiple Materials, One job

So how can a Flexx laser benefit your business? Well, by having both laser sources in the one machine, you have the ability now to mark, cut, engrave or colour change any laserable material. If your competitors have limited themselves by only owning either a CO2 OR a fiber laser, by you having the ability to engrave any material gives you the upper hand.

By adding a Flexx laser solution to your business, it will allow you to expand what you currently offer to your clients. Now instead of engraving laminate plastics to make name plates for example, you will be able to offer Stainless Steel or Titanium at a premium cost. Expanding your range can reap larger profit margins, which were otherwise untapped.

Another great example of the abilities of a Flexx laser is the ability to create custom products from PolyCarbonate. PolyCarbonate is a great material as it will colour change really nicely when marked with a fiber laser and can be cut with a CO2 laser. A complete keytag, name plate, compliance plate or custom engraved photo is achievable with this material. Engrave whatever you want on it, then cut it out of the stock sheet with the CO2 laser.

Turning down work, or outsourcing certain jobs eats into your profit and we all know that’s not a good business model. Bringing a lot of that work in-house will help increase your return on investment, which will ultimately allow you to grow your business quicker.

Knife Engraving
Knife Engraving

Processing time is also a major factor here too. With the JobControl Software you are able to seamlessly swap between a fiber and CO2 laser source within the same job. This means objects like knives which have a metal blade and wooden handle can be processed as one job, without any user intervention. Simply use two different fill colours in your artwork, send it to JobControl and simply select the intended laser source for that colour out of the list. The machine will then do the rest. There is no need to refocus, physically change any aspect of the machine or swap out lens. Just select the intended laser source and hit go!

So what are the steps to prepare the metal for fiber marking? Well…. There are none! A fibre laser is a direct metal marking solution. There are no costly pastes or sprays which need to be applied to the surface of the material. No labour costs associated with preparing the material for marking and no dry time or clean up required. Some other reasons why using the Flexx technology makes sense for metal marking applications is that, the sprays such as Cermark are actually carcinogenic and toxic. It will harm you if you breathe it in and is not good for the environment when you clean the metal off in the sink.

Sprays and pastes are difficult to get consistent, in terms of thickness, contrast and application. It’s not considered a permanent mark and can wear off. But more importantly, using a paste or spray to mark metals do not meet medical grade, food grade and other industrial grade standards. If you want to expand your business and find new, more profitable opportunities, not having the ability to meet those standards are hindering you.

Laser Engraved Medical Equipment
Laser Engraved Medical Equipment

So what if you currently own a CO2 laser, or can only afford a CO2 laser at the moment? Are you stuck with it now? NO… Trotec’s Speedy range, that is the Speedy 100, 300, 360 and 400 are all able to be upgraded and retrofit with a fiber laser at any time. If you are new to the market and don’t currently have a need for a fiber laser, by purchasing a CO2 laser now, does not restrict you from being able to upgrade to a Flexx at a later date, once you have established your business and have interest in metal marking.

The Speedy Flexx laser solutions that Trotec offer are world class laser engraving machines, but partnering with a business such as Trotec, you can now optimize your workflow which will enable you to expand your business, by reducing costs and saving time. Not to mention by owning a Flexx laser you will control a largely untapped side of the market.

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