Anodized Aluminium Engraving

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Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminium – The right way

Posted By Adrian

Anodized Aluminium is a very versatile material, it has high contrast when laser engraved, moderate wear resistance and is highly resistant to corrosion. This makes it a very good candidate for making signs, plaques or machine tags. Because of its high contrast once engraved, it is also perfect for barcoding and QR applications.

From experience, I’ve found that many people are unable to get the very best contrast out of this great material. Today I made a small 90x60mm interior grade plaque for my blog.

I started out using the ever trusty CorelDraw X7 software package, to create the vector graphic I wanted to engrave. I use a vector format because it can be scaled without the fear of resolution issues. For more information on vector graphics Click Here.

You can see the vector image that I created using CorelDraw X7 below.

Corel Vector Image
Corel Vector Image


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Laser Engraved Bamboo

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Laser Engraving Pictures from the Internet

Posted By Adrian

Editing pictures that you download off the internet is in general annoying and time consuming, let alone getting it to an acceptable level for engraving it with a laser.

Well that was my goal today.

The JobControl X software that comes with the purchase of a Trotec laser, has amazing capabilities and is extremely advanced in comparison to the other software packages offered by other brands. I would know, I have used almost all of them!

Today I set out to explore the process, of going from downloaded image to a final product, engraved on Stainless Steel.

When I’m looking for an image to engrave, I use a few fundamental concepts in order to mentally filter through images, to see what would engrave well with a laser. They are:


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Diary Entry

Blog Pilot – Blog Under Construction!

Posted By Adrian

Wow… this is intimidating… What to write?

Well I guess I should introduce my self, my name is Adrian, I am currently 23 years old. I study at university in Sydney Australia. I was born and raised about 30 mins west of Sydney’s CBD. I have always had a passion for computing, engineering, making and programming.

My current job is not exactly what I had in mind when I first elected Information Communication Technology as my field of study at university. But I love it! Every day is different, I work with great people, get to know and have come to appreciate an industry which is growing in Australia and most of all it makes me happy!

I work for a very large, multinational company called Trotec laser. We are the manufacturer of high end laser cutting and engraving machines. At the time of writing this I have been with Trotec since 23rd of September 2013, so almost 2 years now. My job title is Applications Engineer and my job is pretty simple. A potential customer will drop off some material and it’s my job to process this material with one of the laser engravers in our range, and report on the results. I also to a greater extent help the sales department by answering technical questions, performing live demonstrations and making samples, so customers can walk away from our showroom with no doubt that our machines are the right one for their application.

That being said, I have started this blog for my own benefit, I think I will be using it as a way to document my progress over the next few years, in terms of both personal development, career orientated decisions and of course my studies. The biggest factor for me to start this blog however, was the fact that on August 13th 2015 I will be leaving Australia and spending some time in both Austria and Germany. I will be sent there by my work all expenses paid, to do some serious training on our product range, the underlying control systems, the programming interfaces and learn how to interface our laser systems with a customers pre-existing production line. All this should take around 5 to 6 months.

I guess that’s enough for now… I’ll try keep this as up to date as possible.

Catch ya next time!



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